Star Trails in Cityscape

Mumbai, the city of dreams, indeed… Here are 2 photos of Powai a place in suburban side of Mumbai, away from the hustle-bustle of Mumbai’s fast life. People here are already settled in their lives with stable income and non-depleting bank balance. Powai Hills & Powai Lake are 2 place which encapsulates area’s most posh residential arenas. They are not only multistory but also luxuriously furbished.
Luckily I was offered to stay in 22nd floor of one of this flats. And during my stay I learnt one thing very clearly, ‘from above, everything looks pretty!’. From 22nd floor it was very easy for me to admire the city’s beauty, neither the heat nor the pollution nor the poverty of the place bothered me.

Here are 2 photos; 1st one aligned in East-West direction, 2nd one aligned in the North-South direction.




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